McLaren Splits With Honda And Signs With Renault


Breaking News – understands that McLaren has ended its alliance with Honda and will be released from their partnership and switch to a Renault power unit from 2018. The marriage which held such promise between the chassis designer and power unit manufacturer (McLaren & Honda) has been disastrous since it came back to the grid in 2015, with a lack of performance and constant reliability problems.

The Uk-Japan relationship had become so intolerable during 2017 that it became clear a split was inevitable. A merger with the French engine manufacturer Renault emerging as McLaren’s only credible alternative.

Sources close to the agreement have confirmed McLaren has agreed a three-year deal with Renault.

The deal is understood to see McLaren get parity on power unit specifications with the works the Renault F1 team and Red Bull.

Meanwhile it is understood that Toro Rosso has switched to a Honda power unit, leaving the Japanese manufacturer an avenue to operate within Formula One.

The signing of Renault with McLaren deal will surely persuade Fernando Alonso to extend a multi-year contract with the Woking based team which has struggled to fulfil the potential that the alliance deserved.  No back to what the team knows, let’s contend for a championship!!

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