FF1600 – World Class Performance At Kirkistown Race Circuit


The best Formula Ford racing in the world was witnessed last Saturday at Kirkistown Race Circuit, 24th June 2017.  Spectators, teams, officials and drivers experienced the most marvellous spectacle of talented Formula Ford racing by amazing young drivers from both Ireland and England.  Two championships, coming to the one circuit, entertaining during a festival of excitement.


Standing on the crowded bank at the Chicane, motorsport fans craned their necks to catch the sight of the first glimpses of the FF1600’s speeding down the main straight, following the cars through Debtors down to Colonial, along to Fishermans, racing up to the Chicane and disappearing up to the Hairpin, waiting in anticipation to see who emerged in the lead.  This process was repeated lap after lap in a warm strong breeze.  At one point during one of the four FF1600 races of the day, while waiting for the race to come back into vision, Mick Merrigan was heard shouting at the wind turbine, “will somebody turn off the bloody fan”.

Keith Donegan amongst the talent – 11 overtakes in one lap

The action came thick and fast in all four races of the day.  These talented drivers raced throughout the pack, exchanging places while racing for that number one spot.  If you asked for a driver of the day, you could list off at least half a dozen. You couldn’t name one driver who outshone the talent within the grid of excitement.  The quote of the day can easily be announced though.  Again, Mick Merrigan’s commentary entertained as he shouted out “Formula 1 my hole”.  Indeed, the close racing, endless overtaking and the unpredictable outcome to a race finish would put most F1 races to shame.



Formula Ford continues to be the very best platform for young racing drivers to display their talent.  Well done to the drivers and teams for the superb display at the weekend.

Congratulations must go to the championship organisers of the Dawson-WAM NI FF1600 and Britcover/Avon Tyres BRSCC FF1600, not forgetting track officials, marshals and staff of Kirkistown Race Circuit.

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