A Savage Double In Pembrey – Tool Dynamics ITCC


Qualifying Race 1 – Round 3 Tool Dynamics ITCC – Pembrey

  1. Shane Rabbitt             1.08.115
  2. Ulick Burke                  1.08.564
  3. Jay O’Reilly                 1.09.302
  4. Robert Savage            1.09.574
  5. Brian Sexton               1.11.746
  6. Gareth Hayden            1.12.795
  7. Pa Hudson                   1.14.743
  8. Tony Gallagher           1.15.279
  9. Gary Miller                  1.16.077
  10. Mervyn Miller             1.17.013

Race 1:

Shane Rabbitt led off the line with Ulick Burke close on his bumper.  Jay O’Reilly suffered from a radiator hose dumping fluid off the line (causing him to retire after two laps).  This promoted Rob Savage to 3rd, starting from 4th.  Brian sexton also started well. Gareth Hayden had a good start passing Sexton into turn 1.  Jay O’Reilly half spun with his cooling fluid spraying on his front tyres. This allowing Gareth Hayden to pass.  Hayden and Savage had a great battle for two laps before Hayden out-braked himself into the chicane.  Speaking after the race, Hayden said he was suffering with his tyres. The race was filled with drama throughout, with a close battle between rabbit and burke, however burke suffered from brake failure late in the race which saw him retire.  Rabbitt had fuel surge with a lap to go in the flaming RX7.  This gave the opportunity on the closing lap to Savage in his Honda Integra lunge passed the thirsty Mazda.  Savage took his first race in the ITCC this year, returning to the class in his first race in 2017. Rabbitt was a fortunate  2nd with Hayden in his Honda Integra DCZ 3rd.   Rabbitt took the fastest lap 1:07.901, faster than his qualifying time.

The production class was won by Pa Hudson, who led off the line followed by the Tony Gallagher in the Honda Accord.  They were closely pursued by Gary Miller and Mervyn Miller.  Gallagher’s gear linkage broke harrying Hudson and forced him to retire.  Hudson was 1st, with Gary Miller in 2nd and Mervyn Miller in 3rd.

Race 2:

Brian Sexton was on pole with Ulick Burke in 2nd, Shane Rabbitt 3rd followed by Savage, Hayden, O’Reilly, Mervyn Miller, Gary Miller with Pa Hudson taking up the rear in the reverse grid.

Rabbitt launched off the line with Hayden hot on his tails.  Savage was in 3rd followed by O’Reilly and Sexton.  Sexton got up the inside of ‘Dibeni bend’ to reclaim 4th from O’Reilly.  As it settled down Hayden fell off the race pace with tyre degradation.  Savage was closing in on Rabbitt, who was doing everything to conserve fuel.  The plumes of flames coming from his exhaust were draining his fuel cell along with the grunt of the Rotary engine.  Eventually, history repeated itself in race 2 with Rabbitt running out of fuel.  Savage who had been hunting down rabbit coasted passed with O’Reilly passing too.   Gary Miller had a coming together with Gareth Hayden at the closing stages of the race causing a red flag.  It was Rob Savage 1st, Jay O’Reilly in second and Gareth Hayden in third.  However, with the red flag, the race finish was reverted to the results of who crossed the line on the previous lap.  Adjusted, the confirmed classifications saw Savage declared race winner, Rabbitt in 2nd and O’Reilly in 3rd.   Robert Savage took the fastest lap 1:09.537.

Pa Hudson had a great start again.  Up on the tail of Gallagher, the two had a race filled with rubbing bodywork.  Hudson made a pass into ‘Senna Esses’ Gallagher where Hudson lost his rear bumper but made the move stick.  Mervin Miller capitalised to come across the line in second with Gallagher taking third.

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