Jonathan Fildes Gets ‘Black Flag’ Ruling Overturned


An appeal was heard last night, made by Jonathan Fildes, for a disqualification decision made by the officials in Mondello Park on the 9th April 2017.  This followed a spin on the first warm-up lap of two by Fildes.  Fildes rejoined the back of the field, as he deemed it unsafe to rejoin until the last car passed.  There were two classes on a warm up lap, the Seats and the Supercars.  The confusion came when the black flag was given to car No. 23 on lap 9.  Fildes had entered as 023, as car 23 was in fact entered by a Supercar.

The appeal was held in Mondello Park last night with officials from Motorsport Ireland. The twenty minutes hearing “went well” according to Fildes.  “The black flag should never have been given for an out of grid position.  The black flag came out on lap 9 of a 16 lap race, so I had no reason to think the flag referred to me and did not have my car number on it.  I knew the Supercar had 23, and the official timing had me down as 023” said Fildes.

“I’m happy with the decision, as I get my championship points re-instated and my name cleared”.  “The black flag is what was bugging me, as everybody associates this with dangerous driving”.

Fildes will enter rounds 3 & 4 of the Seat Supercup Ireland in Bishopscourt on 6th & 7th May back in contention of the championship.

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