Toro Rosso Unveil the 2017 STR12


Toro Rosso Unveil the 2017 STR12 from Barcelona.  The STR12, designed by James Key and Ben Waterhouse. The new car “looks fast”, according to Carlos Sainz.  It certainly does and one of the most impressive livery schemes we have seen.  The ‘sharks fin’ is on this race car too.

Toro Rosso has changed engine suppliers for the 2017 season.  Having used year-old Ferrari power units last season, it will have up-to-date Renault power units for the new campaign.  So, the leap by a two year jump for the team will be enormous admitted James Key late last year.  “Right now, we’re running a Ferrari engine, which was good when it was first developed in 2015. But now, it’s well over two years old, well over a year since it was deployed. So, the new engine will give us a big step change. I can’t say what the percentages are at the moment, but it will be quite a lot of lap time for us.  We’re going from a ’15 spec to a ’17 spec engine. That’s an enormous difference — it’s going to be big!”

Carlos will have the honour of giving the STR12 its track baptism, which will mean we will have a very impatient Daniil in the garage, waiting for his turn the day after.

So, with Carlos’s statement that the car “looks fast”, together with the new power unit manufacturer, this could be a front running contender.

Drivers – Carlos Sainz – Daniil Kyvat



An overview of aesthetical comparisons from 2016 to 2017.


  2016 2017
Overall width of the car 1,800mm 2,000mm
Minimum weight (without fuel) 702kg 722kg
Front wheels (width) 305-355mm 370-385mm
Rear wheels (width) 365-380mm 455-470mm
Wheel diameter 660mm (dry) 670mm (wet) 670mm (dry) 680mm (wet)
Front wing 1,650mm span 1,800mm span, swept back
Rear wing 750mm (width) 950mm (height) 950mm (width) 800mm (height)



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