Ginetta Junior Ireland Heads To Kirkistown As Battle Heats Up


Next weekend sees rounds 7&8 of the Ginetta Junior Ireland championship take place at the Northern Irish kirkistown circuit.

Rob Parks currently holds the championship lead from Se Og Martin in a very close second! Parks took the early lead in the championship this year winning the first two rounds at kirkistown circuit and taking a further win and second at the following weekend. Se Og Martin came into the fight last weekend taking full advantage of Rob Parks struggling mechanically and managed to take two dominating wins! Another worthy mention would have to be the only female driver on the grid, Megan Campbell who took a lights to flag victory at round three of the championship.

The cars head to Kirkistown for two races this Saturday, there really is no way of telling who is likely to win! The Ginetta Junior class has been extremely close all year and it could be any single one of the Irish Ginetta Junior drivers. We talked to the current championship leader during the week and he was confident going into these rounds that “the mechanical gremlins that had been hasteling me last weekend have been hopefully solved but only testing will tell!”


Keep your eyes fixed on the Ginetta Junior ireland facebook page for updates and we hope to see more of the same close,  hard racing that we have seen so far this year.

Images by Carl Cleary

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