Chris Dixon Escapes With Broken Leg After A Nasty Collision At Black Hill During NW200 Practice.



North West racer Chris Dixon is hurled through the air after a practice run smash lands him with a broken leg.

In a series of startling images the high speed collision saw the Cumbria rider and his bike thrown several feet off the ground before coming back to earth with a crash.

The incident, which is thought to have seen Dixon’s bike clip a kerb at the Black Hill section of the track, occurred on Tuesday morning.

Paramedics raced to the scene of the crash at a stretch of track on the coast, overlooking Portrush. It is understood kerb protectors, installed over recent years as part of increasing safety at the NW200, were fitted in the area.

However, it is not clear if they played any part in saving Dixon from more serious injury. He was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital by road, where it is believed he is being treated for injuries to his left leg.

A statement issued by the NW200 organisers said: “No 28 Chris Dixon crashed at Black Hill during the Supersport practice session at today’s Vauxhall International North West 200.

“He sustained non-life threatening injuries which involve leg fractures and has been taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.”

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