International Women’s Day – Rosemary Smith


On International Women’s Day, one of the Irish motorsport greats, Rosemary Smith, Sportswoman, Campaigner and Educator.  Most people associate Rosemary with one or all of these.

She has had an astonishing career as a rally driver.  In 1964, Smith took the ladies prize in the Circuit Of Ireland Rally, driving a Sunbeam.

Smith won the Coupe des Dames Rally in the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally in the ladies class.  The title was controversially taken away, however is remembered as the moral victor.

Other success are the outright winner in the 1969 Cork 20 Rally.  Smith won the ladies prize several times in Circuit Of Ireland Rally.  The list of achievements continues.

In recent years, Smith has campaigned for safe driving and devoted her time to educating young motorists.

Rosemary Smith has been an inspiration to all aspiring drivers in Ireland.


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