Red Bull Racing Reveal Their Tag Heuer RB13.



Red Bull Racing Reveal Their RB13.  Red Bull have always strived to be dominant when it comes to aerodynamics.  Even when they suffer from a slight decrease in power, compared to competitors, their aero package is usually enough to give them the edge.  That was before Mercedes came along with both superior power and, arguably, a superior aero solution.

Will the return of Adrian Newey, back from his sabbatical from F1, make the difference?  Red Bulls Chief Technical Officer said “”I have always enjoyed rule changes because it gives fresh opportunities,” he told UAE publication, The National.  “The regulations have become increasingly restrictive. If you go back to, let’s say the 1970s and the 1980s, you saw this huge variety of shapes of cars because the regulations were relatively free”.

With the dominance of Mercedes, Red Bull must also rely on the badged ‘Tag Heuer’ power unit from Renault to deliver the performance to optimise the complete package.

“It’s a brand new engine this year, a change of philosophy,” said Christian Horner (Red Bull Team Principle). “They’ve had a big winter” (about Renault).  “We’re hoping for a step in performance, and if that’s delivered then hopefully we can really be a challenger this year and give Mercedes and Ferrari a hard time”.

So, with that expectation, and, the return of Newey, are we looking at a strong contender?  Bring on Melbourne.

Drivers – Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen



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