Pirelli warns F1 may be less exciting in 2017


Paul Hembery, motorsport director of Pirelli warns, there will be no point complaining if the move to lower degradation tyres makes F1 racing less exciting because Pirelli is doing what was directed to do by F1.

Tyre degradation will be reduced for 2017, as requested by the new rules, allowing drivers to push harder and for longer.

“You can’t please everyone and you can only go in one of two directions,” Hembery said. “We did something from the outset which was desired, then there was a decision to go in another direction.

Hembery seems to be anticipating a less than exciting season ahead, with the field being spread out.

“We’re just following what the sport asks us. All we ask is that they tell us what they want. There’s no point in complaining that we deliver what we have been asked to deliver”.

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